Adept Adelaide was established in 2017 when three students recognised a crucial element missing from their university degrees: the opportunity to take the theory taught in their degrees and apply it to work on practical STEM projects. From the beginning, Adept Adelaide has had a strong focus on offering projects from a wide variety of disciplines to students.


Since 2017, Adept Adelaide’s presence in student’s lives has grown tremendously. As of early 2021, over 250 students have participated in Adept projects, gaining practical skills that set them apart from other students.

Adept Adelaide ensures all students are provided with support to pursue practical engineering and grow into industry-ready graduates. Projects are facilitated by providing:

  • Project management guidance
  • Connections between students and professional mentors
  • Financial support resources, including industry run workshops
  • Like-minded teams

The wide variety of projects offered through Adept Adelaide attracts a diverse range of interests and student skill sets.

The Team

Managing Director

Lachlan Chapman

Head of Projects

Ella Di Stasio

Projects Officer

Aryaman Mehta

Head of Operations

Umair Muhammad

Head of Finance

James Donlan

Head of People & Culture

Grace Gunner

Head of Marketing

Abigail Sparnon

Head of Events & Logistics

Michael Liu

Events & Logistics Officer

Parsa Mofrad

Events & Logistics Officer

Jemma Francis

Head of Business

Akshay Mistry

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