Adept Canberra was founded in 2019, as the second branch of Adept. Adept Canberra strives for the same opportunities as all of Adept: to take theoretical university learning and apply it in the context of practical STEM projects.


Our projects are designed to facilitate hands-on learning, providing great opportunities for developing project organisation and management skills.

Adept Canberra currently runs two large-scale projects, as well as a number of smaller short-term ones. These flagship projects are the Adept Canberra Disaster Response Robotics Division, aiming to provide a low-cost semi-autonomous system for disaster response, and the Solar Drone Project, a team designing and constructing a solar-powered aerial drone.

Adept Canberra ensures all students are provided with support to pursue practical engineering and grow into industry-ready graduates. Projects are facilitated by providing:

  • Project management guidance
  • Connections between students and professional mentors
  • Financial support
  • Resources, including industry run workshops
  • Like-minded teams

The Team

Managing Director

Matthew Robinson

Deputy Managing Director

Connor Kneebone

Head of Projects

Alex Ollman

Head of Finance

Douglas Thompson

Head of Events

Lakshya Dutta

Head of Programs

Nicky Koubouzis

Head of Partnerships

Edward Cardew-Hall

Head of People & Culture

Noora Theeb

Head of Marketing & Communications

Jacob McNaughton

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Disaster Response Robotics


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Modular Synth


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Stringless Laser Guitar


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