The support your biggest supporters need. Adept National lightens the load of the state branches, giving them more time and energy to spend on you.


As Adept branches serve their members and grow their projects, they need mentoring and support. That's where Adept National comes in. With representatives from each of the state branches, the overarching branch of Adept takes the needs of each state and applies organisational experience and industry knowledge to build them up year-on-year. In the same way Adept state branches support our members with management and networking, the national body supports the states with informed guidance, structuring, and person-to-person mentoring.

The Team


Luke Heffernan


Lachlan Chapman


Cindy Chau

Marketing Director

Khajiho Tokunaga

R&D Director

Thomas Walker

Human Resources Director

Tilly Symonds

Legal Director

Tim Hobbs

Digital Structures Manager

Jack Williams

Digital Structures Manager

Matthew Williams

President of Adept ADL

Hazel Huang

Director of Adept CBR

Matthew Robinson

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