“I think learning practical skills is really the most important part of education. I learned that when I was a postgraduate student, I learned to make circuits, I learned to program computers and I think that set me on a really strong career path to becoming an astronaut. And besides which, it’s a lot of fun.” 

Andy Thomas, on the importance of Adept’s practical engineering focus, 29 October 2017.

Adept is a platform for students to immerse themselves in a practical setting while developing a love of design, leadership and system engineering processes.

Adept is a student practical engineering club with a focus on innovation, inclusivity and fostering students’ STEM knowledge. Adept members apply project management skills and theoretical concepts taught at university to team projects, developing their ability to creatively solve problems, as well as their written and team communication skills. 

Adept ensures all students are provided with support to pursue practical engineering and grow into industry ready graduates. Projects are facilitated by providing: 

  • Project management guidance 

  • Connections between students and professional mentors

  • Financial support 

  • Resources, including industry run workshops

  • Like-minded teams 

The wide variety of projects offered through Adept attracts a diverse range of interests and student skill sets. The passion of Adept members has built Adept to where it is today, with over 6 projects at the start of 2019. 

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