Adept Rocketry Division (ARD)

The Adept Rocketry Division (ARD) is a specialist division of Adept which teaches students how to design, build and fly safe and functioning high-powered rockets. The aim is to design and build a high-powered rocket to enter the Australian University Rocketry Competition, with a target apogee of 30,000 ft controlled using airbrakes.

About the Project:

All ARD projects offer students an opportunity to work in large teams on a scale that isn’t experienced in standard university studies. Through the ARD, students are required to collaborate and solve problems that require interdisciplinary solutions at the very forefront of the modern world’s technological challenges. Students are involved in the design and construction of aerospace structures and control surfaces, active control using data collected from sensors and mechatronics, and the development of a simulation tool for a controlled high-powered rocket. There is an emphasis on systems engineering and the engineering design process, with assistance from industry partners to develop skills and experience.

Project Details:

May 2021

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