The agriculture and viticulture industry is one of the most important sectors of South Australia’s economy, with our state’s produce being recognised for its quality around the world.

About the Project:

The AGdrone team aims to produce a reliable and safe drone-in-a-box for use in agricultural and viticultural environments which can take-off autonomously from an outdoor or weather-protected base stations, and fly between pre-programmed waypoints. The AGdrone aims to capture crop health data from a hyperspectral camera, then autonomously land, charge, and transmit the data for use by winemakers.

This solution allows winemakers to monitor vineyards for diseased plants, find over or under watered plots, and predict yield down to the size of a grape. All being completed faster and more precisely than humans could on the ground, saving winemakers time and money.

The platform could easily be scaled or modified for use in other large and harsh environments such as cattle stations, solar farms, and mines.

Project Details:

December 2020

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