Brain Computer Interface

Building an open-source brain computer interface device to then be applied to a wide variety of interesting use cases.

About the Project:

Scientists and engineers have made significant process in the field of brain-based digital communication. We can now type up to 18 words per minute by deciphering brainwaves, and have sent messages digitally from one brain to another across continents. If you like tinkering, exploring quirky ideas and striving to make them a reality, solving problems then this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. This project will be the beginning of Adept Canberra's tailored R&D on brain-computer interfaces. We aim to exploit the ubiquity of engineering and computer science in designing devices that decipher our brainwaves. At later phases of this project, we aim to use the deciphered data to control devices, communicate with thoughts, or even induce the data back into someone else’s brain (in short, telepathy!). This project will suit passionate students with a background in electronics, computer science, coding, algorithms and with an interest in neuroscience. If this sounds like you, register your interest today!

Project Details:

March 2022

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