A self-sustaining artificial tree, which generates power through solar panels to create a night-time light display and protect small plants, designed to raise awareness of green energy on campus.

About the Project:

The EnerTree is a multi-functional 'living statue' which employs multiple technologies to create a unique art-and-tech installation within the university. It employs a solar panel and battery system to charge in the day, to power a light display at night. Additionally, a unique rainwater funnel system is used to water several areas where plants will grow on its' trunk, functioning as a self-watering garden. It is designed to be off the grid and self sustainable, while being aesthetically pleasing and a source of pride for the community.

EnerTree is seeking applications for a new member! They should know how to work with solar panels and batteries and be comfortable with building a system that joins the two. The team has designs for this system and are nearly ready to begin this part of the build.

Project Details:

August 2021

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