Smart Garden

Smart Garden is a hydroponic (no soil) automated garden system, with the aim to improve resource efficiency while maintaining produce quality and reducing human labour.

About the Project:

The Smart Garden integrates sensors with robotics to detect quantifiable deviations from environmental conditions and make appropriate adjustments for healthy plant growth. Using a simple computer program, this effectively automates the regulation of a growing systems to reduce labour and resource expenses.

The Smart Garden team has been developing a functional prototype of this system as a proof-of-concept for use in domestic settings or eventual adoption in industrial-level agricultural processes.

The system is highly versatile and can be calibrated according to the specificities of your chosen crop in terms of temperature, pH and nutrient concentration. As requirements change over the different phases of a plant's lifespan, conditions can be quickly and automatically altered to streamline the growing process.

Physical and chemical sensors allow for an enhanced degree of precision in a variety of contexts. Their application in scalable agriculture is valuable in optimising the use of water and nutrient resources for effectively maintaining growing conditions and maximising yields.

As demands and pressures on food production rise with expanding populations and diminishing arable land, technology is indispensable for improving accessibility to fresh crops.

Project Details:

September 2021

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